Famous People Who Have Had Syphilis

Throughout our history, there were a number of famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at things)  who are known to have had Syphilis. 

1. Napoleon Bonaparte: The famous Corsican turned French General and later Emperor of France.

2. Al Capone: The famous gangster actually died from Syphilis.

3. Lord Randolph Churchill: A British politician and, you guessed it, the father of one Sir Winston Churchill.

4. Vincent Van  Gogh: The famous painter.

5. King Henry VIII of England: The one and only founder of the Church of England had Syphilis, which led to the design of extra protection for one's private areas on suits of armor.

6. Adolf Hitler: The Austrian politician and mass murderer who destroyed the German Nation.

7. Ivan the Terrible: The first Tsar of all Russia, notable for killing his only son and heir.

8. Vladimir Ilyich Lennin: The founder of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

A medical illustration attributed to Albrecht Dürer (1496) depicting a person with syphilis. Here, the disease is believed to have astrological causes.
Portrait of Gerard de Lairesse by Rembrandt van Rijn, ca. 1665–67, oil on canvas. De Lairesse, himself a painter and art theorist, suffered from congenital syphilis that severely deformed his face and eventually blinded him.[38]